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Individual Commissions


Maybe you’ve looked through my portfolio and thought, “Hey, I’d love to see a painting of ______________! I wonder if she does commissions?”   Yes, on a limited basis, I do.
Below I’ve listed some of things for you to consider. If any of the options appeal to you, contact me to discuss your plan!
Where do you start?

  1. Find a high quality photo of your subject. More than one is even better!
  2. Decide on the size and medium you would like.
     Common sizes (others may be available upon request):
    • 24”x36”, 30”x40”, 36”x48”, 48”x60” are common sizes for paintings (Range $1,000-3,500+)
    • 18”x24”, 22”x30” are common sizes for drawings ($500+)
    • 8”x10”, 11”x14”, 14”x16” with some irregular sizes in-between for digital prints ($300+)

Mediums available: Acrylic paint, Oil Pastels, Ink, Digital art print

3.  Know your budget and timeline
 Your budget may help you determine the size and medium you wish to choose for your final product. For example, say you are absolutely in love with a certain athlete or movie star you wish depicted in a large format of 4’x5’ in an acrylic painting. That may cost you $3,500 and require 60-90 days for delivery. On the other hand, say you are a college student looking for a drawing to give your parents for their anniversary, you may be able to commission a $200 drawing of 18”x24” and receive it within 2-3 weeks.
The complexity of your subject may affect pricing. For example, a portrait of a child is very different than a family portrait of five!
50% non-refundable deposit is required and 50% once artwork is received.

events & corporate commissions


Business owners and event organizers are “idea” people, right? Looking through my portfolio might spark an idea of how you could incorporate some art into your place of business or for your event.
Some examples of projects I have produced for organizations:

  • Boxing series of paintings were created for window exhibit to attract consumers into a “Fight Shop” business in Las Vegas, NV. 
  • Series of entertainment icons were painted for exhibit to highlight the glamour of a top salon in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Live painting of large 7’x4’ paintings were created and displayed at several public Las Vegas events.  The subjects of the paintings were designed to complement the site in which they were created (ex. Large scene of children playing on monkey bars was created at a summer festival attracting families to observe its development).
  • Currently producing a series of Bowie Baysox baseball players to celebrate its team’s 25th season.  Upcoming exhibit atBaysox/Prince George’s Stadium in Spring 2017.

Where do you start?

  1. A basic idea is all you need.  Are you thinking of a temporary exhibit of paintings to complement your business or event? Are you thinking the addition of live painting might be of interest for your event?  Would you like to commission paintings or drawings to be of permanent display in your business?
  2. Contact me to further discuss your idea. 
  3. Rates can vary depending on the scope of the project.
    •  If paintings/drawings are available for sale at your business/event, there may be minimal to no cost applied to you.
    • Permanent commissioned works of art would follow the same guidelines as individual commissions with a 50% deposit and 50% upon completion with an agreed upon timeline.
    • Painting live may involve cost of supplies and hourly rate for painting performance.
    • Once the project is defined, a timeline will be agreed upon along with any attached costs.

      I really enjoy collaborations as much as independent projects and look forward to hearing your ideas!