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Joy in Movement



Welcome to my blog! Here you will find some thoughts and musings.


Preparing for 2019

Looking at my website, I noticed ways I can really edit the content to focus on my digital artwork in this coming year. I’ll try to do some “marathon” editing sessions to get it all up to speed asap.

Of course I will still offer some original paintings I have in inventory for sale, BUT I will be focusing on digital artwork for commission work as well as drawing live at various events.

Alongside the commissioned work, I plan to continue to produce new series of images that will be made available in both open edition prints/products as well as limited edition prints.

Being immersed in new ideas and in what’s going on in my community of Annapolis, MD gives me a long list of possibilities I am excited to explore!

LOVE the start of a new year!

Cindy Berry Sullivan
Pause from Physical Art Studio

It was not an easy decision to step back from painting in 2018. I think this will be a good pause. I plan to focus on both my digital artwork and on reading/writing. There are many ideas I was introduced to during grad school at UNLV that I want to dive into deeper. I am not sure if the things I read and write about this year will stand on their own as works of writing in some way, inspire my art, or simply contribute to my own personal satisfaction to “always be learning”.

There is also the practical piece that keeping a studio and supplies as an artist can get expensive. I’ll be putting more hours into working on my website store for selling my existing inventory and we’ll see what the future brings...

Bottom line? I’ll never stop working...learning, creating. Grateful for the passion.


Cindy Berry Sullivan
Life Becomes Art Practice, Too

I never feel like I’m “not working”. I think I got this idea from when I first collected books about a writer’s process. Everything can be used in some way. Every experience. I lost my Apple Pencil (once again) while visiting family in Connecticut this past week. Having the stylus with me was going to keep me drawing while here. Just being present for family during this difficult time is a form of attention. To me the arts bring us to a fuller attention. And that’s a fuller life. 

Cindy Berry Sullivan
Attending "Arts Business Institute" Workshop This Weekend

I've had a busy summer trying out some new art business ventures. I've had a great time teaching personalized art classes at my studio for 5-week sessions (we are now in the second session which is "Painting Focus"). I participated in three of the First Sunday Arts Festivals this summer which was quite the learning experience! I also had a solo show at 49 West Coffeeshop, Winehouse & Gallery during July. I've also been busy planning a fall line-up of classes in studio to continue and will be working on a new commission painting for the next two months.

Oh, and I submitted an application to teach at the Anne Arundel Community College. If I do not get a call/interview until Spring, that could be for the best since I'm still investing time in the learning curve of:

A) Preparing for solid teaching of art classes

B) Giving my energies to this commission project

C) Learning both Quickbooks and Quicken for Accounting purposes

D) Learning how to make my website better

E) Researching for possible festivals/art shows for 2018

F) Learning how to sell my existing art online to both generate income and create space for new work (literally as well as mentally)

G) Developing a solid business plan



Cindy Berry Sullivan
Becoming More Interactive With Website


Welcome to this blog!

I am new at this---hoping to find ways to make this an interesting place for you to visit.

Here I am at my local coffeeshop determined to make today an "admin" kind of day versus art-making (not sure if I'll last the whole day!). I decided becoming as active with my own site as I have been with social media updating (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) might be a next step for me. 

Last night was the second night of a 5-week drawing workshop I am offering at my studio. This has been one of several new art ventures for the Summer of 2017! It's great to share art with a variety of ages (teens to adults) and experience levels.

Also, preparing for exhibit at 49 West Coffeehouse in Annapolis, MD next month as well as the FIrst Sunday Art Festivals in July and August. There is so much to learn with each experience. Planning layouts for an exhibit or a festival booth is an art form in composition all in itself and one I am still trying to improve upon.

I've become increasingly committed to an "Art Life" over the last 14 years and am looking forward to having it flourish in my new hometown of Annapolis, MD!

Have a Great Day!


Cindy Berry Sullivan
Self-generated Joy

When I was in my angsty teenage years I thought moods ruled the day. I thought they were something like the weather, all-powerful and unpredictable. In my 20's I met people who showed me ways of directing my thinking own my reactions to things, etc. That was all a great start, BUT then I started to also notice what kinds of things interested me. You know, for everyone it's different. Someone could like roller coasters and I might rather be in a coffee shop reading poetry-ha! (I feel lucky to enjoy a lot of kind of things that are usually free).

These days I can usually pull up a few ideas that peak my curiosity and explore them. It doesn't mean every idea will lead a to full on project, but if it puts a pep in my step for the day, and  that's a good thing.  

Sometimes it's even a new word that captures my interest. I collect all of that as kind of source material and see what part of it I'll use later. I love hearing how other creative people I know do the same. One artist friend of mine stops on the side of the road if she sees an object she wants to collect. One of those objects was a piece of the road's surface! Another friend of mine has collected bones in the desert. It all has a childlike wonder to it that really fascinates when adults can keep that alive.

The energy I generate from these explorations can be expressed in my drawings or paintings in various ways. I don't make art in a vacuum. 

I will use this blog to share some of these explorations. I've kept journals for 30 years, but never apublic kind of sharing. I will write "like no one's reading" just so I start! I'll be as honest as I can and trust the people who may connect with some of these entries will find their way here. There are so many writers who have written lines that have become a part of my "go to" in navigating through my life. Perhaps I can pay forward some of those lines or a few of my own!

Cindy Berry Sullivan
Procrastinating Questions of an Artist's Website

Sure I've done a blog entry here or there, but I never continued this "blog" thing for any length of time. I'm dedicated to giving it a try here. Hey, maybe no one will read it and then it's a no-risk venture, right? Ha.

I have several ongoing questions with creating a website that have kept me procrastinating from giving it a go once again:

  • Unity or branding of one's work? 
    • Online pricing and selling and selling of work? 
    • Artist statements, resumes, etc? Ugh. 
    • Work to include and exclude?
    • Who is your audience?

Part of all this inner debating are the divisions that can seem to be made between various groups of artists (this can occur within artist circles themselves as well as in the general public). Low art. High art. 

Well, since I've never been a joiner in many arenas, avoiding labels myself, I will work in earnest on both my work and on my professional efforts and leave the results alone. It's better to take SOME action for my Creative Life than no action at all.



Cindy Berry Sullivan