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Attending "Arts Business Institute" Workshop This Weekend

I've had a busy summer trying out some new art business ventures. I've had a great time teaching personalized art classes at my studio for 5-week sessions (we are now in the second session which is "Painting Focus"). I participated in three of the First Sunday Arts Festivals this summer which was quite the learning experience! I also had a solo show at 49 West Coffeeshop, Winehouse & Gallery during July. I've also been busy planning a fall line-up of classes in studio to continue and will be working on a new commission painting for the next two months.

Oh, and I submitted an application to teach at the Anne Arundel Community College. If I do not get a call/interview until Spring, that could be for the best since I'm still investing time in the learning curve of:

A) Preparing for solid teaching of art classes

B) Giving my energies to this commission project

C) Learning both Quickbooks and Quicken for Accounting purposes

D) Learning how to make my website better

E) Researching for possible festivals/art shows for 2018

F) Learning how to sell my existing art online to both generate income and create space for new work (literally as well as mentally)

G) Developing a solid business plan



Cindy Berry Sullivan