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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find some thoughts and musings.


Becoming More Interactive With Website


Welcome to this blog!

I am new at this---hoping to find ways to make this an interesting place for you to visit.

Here I am at my local coffeeshop determined to make today an "admin" kind of day versus art-making (not sure if I'll last the whole day!). I decided becoming as active with my own site as I have been with social media updating (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) might be a next step for me. 

Last night was the second night of a 5-week drawing workshop I am offering at my studio. This has been one of several new art ventures for the Summer of 2017! It's great to share art with a variety of ages (teens to adults) and experience levels.

Also, preparing for exhibit at 49 West Coffeehouse in Annapolis, MD next month as well as the FIrst Sunday Art Festivals in July and August. There is so much to learn with each experience. Planning layouts for an exhibit or a festival booth is an art form in composition all in itself and one I am still trying to improve upon.

I've become increasingly committed to an "Art Life" over the last 14 years and am looking forward to having it flourish in my new hometown of Annapolis, MD!

Have a Great Day!


Cindy Berry Sullivan