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Procrastinating Questions of an Artist's Website

Sure I've done a blog entry here or there, but I never continued this "blog" thing for any length of time. I'm dedicated to giving it a try here. Hey, maybe no one will read it and then it's a no-risk venture, right? Ha.

I have several ongoing questions with creating a website that have kept me procrastinating from giving it a go once again:

  • Unity or branding of one's work? 
    • Online pricing and selling and selling of work? 
    • Artist statements, resumes, etc? Ugh. 
    • Work to include and exclude?
    • Who is your audience?

Part of all this inner debating are the divisions that can seem to be made between various groups of artists (this can occur within artist circles themselves as well as in the general public). Low art. High art. 

Well, since I've never been a joiner in many arenas, avoiding labels myself, I will work in earnest on both my work and on my professional efforts and leave the results alone. It's better to take SOME action for my Creative Life than no action at all.



Cindy Berry Sullivan